Best Sports News in Thailand


Thailand is home to many sports fans who are looking for the best sports news. As a result, there are hundreds of sports websites that cater to the Thai market. However, deciding which one to subscribe to is not always easy. Here are some tips to help you pick the best sports news website for your needs.

8X sports news

8Xbet is one of the most popular sports websites in Thailand, and it is well worth a visit if you’re a sports fan. It features live links to games, comprehensive articles, video highlights, and interviews with players, making it the go-to source for sports news in Thailand. The site is easily accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

The site features up-to-date sports news and analysis from Thailand and around the world. Its user-friendly interface is suitable for viewers of all ages, and its appealing pictures will grab your attention. It even has a mobile app for Android users. Its team of sports journalists and analysts has a wealth of local and international knowledge of the game.

8Xbet is free to watch. However, it does require you to register in order to receive the latest sports news and upcoming events. To register, you need to enter your full name, email address, and password. Once you’re registered, you’ll get access to the latest news and upcoming tournaments.

The site has extensive information about the best football and sports events. It also features videos of recent matches. The journalists are knowledgeable and passionate about the game. This translates into quality content. The website is also compatible with all computer platforms and operating systems.


If you’re a sports fanatic, Thansettakij is a great option. The Bangkok-based news site is available on mobile devices and features a wide variety of sports news. In addition to live match links, it also features expert analysis and a dedicated video section. The site is mobile-friendly and updates its content frequently. The site also offers a newsletter and discussion boards for sports fans.

Thansettakij is an online sports news website with a large print circulation. The website has a dedicated section for sports and features articles, video highlights, and discussion forums. It also has a strong community and is mobile-friendly. It also has a separate section for news about business and property.

Sudsapda sports news in Thailand is a great place to stay informed about local and international sports. It offers sports-related articles in both English and Thai, as well as news about celebrities and business. The site also boasts a dedicated Facebook page, extensive video archives, and a news blog. In addition to sports news, Sudsapda also offers articles on fashion, entertainment, and beauty.

Thais love sports and want to keep up with the latest news. There are hundreds of sports news sites in Thailand, but it can be difficult to find a quality site with reliable content and a simple, easy-to-navigate layout. Fortunately, Thansettakij is one of the oldest and most reliable sources of sports news in Thailand, with a large online following.

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