Desert Safari Dubai offers Amazing Deals

Desert Safari Dubai Offers Amazing Deals


Desert Safari Dubai offers and Desert Safari UAE Tours is a beautiful and charming place. Dubai has grown from a desert city to a modern city centre. This city is the pearl of the deserted sea. The spectacular Arabian Desert surrounds it. 

 It has its unique beauty. The Adventure in UAE Desert remains a popular destination, with many tourists and adventurers travelling to the desert to explore the mysteries beneath the surface.

Travellers love Desert Safari Dubai Deals. This is the perfect place if you are looking for adventure and excitement. Camel rides and surfing are also available. You can also enjoy buffet meals, horseback riding and dunes. 

The sun is rising, Shining warm shadows over the desert—the moon and stars twinkle as the sunsets. You can enjoy an amazing night when you are in the Arabian desert.

These are one of the most exciting desert safari tours, and you can get incredible deals. Van also rents luxury sedans in Dubai so you can relax and enjoy your journey.

Horse and camel Ride 

It’s one of the most memorable desert experiences. You can ride horses or camels on exciting excursions. The first step is to be transported to a camel farm where you can see different types of camels.

Want to experience an unforgettable journey through the desert landscape? You can choose to ride a camel or a horse which is best for you.

Quad Bike and Dune Bashing

Dubai is a popular destination for travellers from all over the world. Consult your guide for safari packages and offers when you are there. Dunes and quad bike rides are among the most exciting activities you can enjoy on a morning safari.

Safari packages and offerings allow DTCM trained riders to experience incredible dune bashing on Land Rovers or older Land Cruisers. Quad bike riding is an exhilarating and fun activity. It will make your desert safari unforgettable.

Belly Dance and Tanura Show with Live Music

Tanura is a folk dance form that saw Sufi/Darvish men dancing slowly. Dance hard to entertain guests in the desert. 

It’s like a Darvish man’s dance that revolves around the stage. He keeps everything in place. This dance can be so entertaining that the guests do not even notice it is over.

They watched a professional belly dance show. Some tourists like to go to the desert. Suppose these dancers dance to Arabic songs and charm everyone. Traditional camel rides, shisha and fire shows can also be enjoyed.

Buffet Dinner

Another interesting aspect of the desert safari is the dinner buffet served at the Bedouin camp. These wooden Arab campsites are a blend of heritage and history. The camp offers a delicious buffet dinner with 15 meals, including Arabic cuisine.

Live grill (BBQ) and food are available. You can also enjoy various Chinese, Italian or Arabic dishes during this unique dinner—Arabic café with soft drinks, snacks, and endless Qahwa appetizers and waters.

Amazing traditional Arabic costumes

If you are booking a safari in the desert area, You may still be dressed in traditional Bedouin Arabic clothing. It is indispensable for desert safaris. 

So, take it off and hire a professional photographer to capture your HD images when you wear them. Take your photos as a reminder of the desert.

Dubai Desert Safari Deals

Now let’s talk about great deals from different companies. To help you enjoy an unforgettable journey into the desert, Trips offers a variety of packages to choose from that include hotel pick-up and delicious desserts prepared by skilled chefs. After a long day of fun in the dunes, You will be picked up from where you want to go.

Total Desert Safari

There are many things you can do on a desert safari.

  • No matter where you book, whether at your hotel, in your home, or a hub in another city, free pick and drop.
  • camel and horse riding
  • Red Dunes Drive (4×4 Desert Drive)
  • Classic Desert Camp and Theme
  • traditional Arab dress
  • Henna tattoo.
  • Live performances include Tnaura and Belly Dances.
  • BBQ dinner buffet.
  • Drinks (smoking shisha)
  • Fire show.

Adventure in the UAE

It is said that the United Arab Emirates is known for its beautiful architectural buildings and excellent shopping malls. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.The United Arab Emirates is also a popular destination for adventure seekers who love the outdoors. 

There are tons of adrenaline-pumping activities and exciting things to do in Dubai for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Adventures in the UAE have everything from travel to races. Hiking, diving, shooting, skiing and wildlife excursions

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